12 November 2013

Willowbank Raceway is pleased to announce the 20 winners of our JACKASS PRESENTS BAD GRANDPA competition held through our Facebook page recently.

Entrants were asked to answer the question “If your grandpa was Johnny Knoxville and you went to Willowbank Raceway, what crazy adventure do you think he would get up to?” for a chance to win one of 20 in-season doubles to Johnny Knoxville’s latest film.

Willowbank Raceway was very pleased with the variety of entries received, with many creative responses flying in.

Willowbank Raceway management have settled on the below as the 20 winners for this competition (in no particular order) – please join us in congratulating them. HOWEVER, some of our winners are yet to claim their prize – any prizes unclaimed as of 5.00pm Friday 15 November 2013 AEST will be forfeited and instead given away at our Season Finale event this Saturday (16 November) at Willowbank Raceway. To claim their prize, winners need to reply to the inbox message (remember to check the ‘others’ folder’ for a message from Amanda Maree Jackson).


·         Aaron Schubert - Jet Powered motorised scooter, running against Victor Bray and Gramps gives Victor a head start and out skidz him also

·         Alison Howell - In his tight whites he’d be directing the dragsters back to start line after their burnouts, causing grief on the track of course!!

·         Angela Holz - He’d dress up in racing gear pose as Phil Read, line up to race and abuse pit crew as to why autopilot doesn’t work

·         David Donovan - he would run a mobility scooter drag racing and burnout day while getting drunk

·         David Ensbey - Definately try to steel a dragster

·         Harry Varvaressos - Gets in v8 car against little kids in go karts, but flings off a ramp, car flips, defying gravity and lands in a swimming pool

·         James Winzar - He would casually walk up and get in a door slammer fire it up and accidentaly knock it in gear and nail it

·         Jessie Searle - Getting towed behind a drag car on his trike down the quarter mile that sounds like Johnny he that crazy to do something like that

·         Joel Rice - Getting towed by a ‘funny’ car down the track whilst being strapped into a shopping trolley

·         Karl Pacey - My Bad Grandpa would drive up to the time card window and order a Big Mac & fries and abusing the crowd in line

·         Kelvin Moroney - How about Johnny in a “lil red wagon” towed by the wheelstanding “little red express” dodge pickup... Now thats Jackass style

·         Michael Beaton - Strapped head first to the nose of a top fuel dragster for a 4 second pass

·         Nikolai Iam - He would take over the staging lights and PA systems and create chaos with long waits on the line and weird announcements...

·         Paula Irvine - He would want to do a 1/4 mile in a golf buggie after he turned it up

·         Peter Matheos - Grandpa would run with his white undies across the track and wave to the crowd.

·         Sarah Langridge - race his mobility scooter in junior dragster

·         Steve Tinworth - I can see a nitro Harley, tow rope and some roller skates. Can someone give me a tow!!!

·         Steven Brown - Replace mobility scooter wheels with plastics and run a pensioners drift session.

·         Tommy Simons - A 6sec pass, hot dog and milk on return lane and.. Repeat lol - old school jackass with vomit everywhere

·         Moses McNabb - He would think of something to do with the speed and the noise of top fuel to compete with to get the rush Knoxville style 


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